What is Henna Mehndi –

Let us know some information About Henna Mehndi.

What is Mehndi Or Henna Mehndi-

 Henna is a plant we can found in southern countries like India and Africa. Some pictures of Henna(Lawsonia inermis) Plant.

Henna-Plant-(Lawsonia inermis)-plant
Henna Plant (Lawsonia inermis) plant

Henna Plant (Lawsonia inermis) –

     Henna’s Real Name is Hina, its biological name is Lawsonia inermis. Henna is also found in some other tree-like Mignonette tree and The Egyptian Privet, it’s are flowering plants also the genus of Lawsonia. Its source of  Dye Henna used for Dye skin and Hair and also used in some cases of fabric, leather, etc.
Henna Plant (Lawsonia inermis)
Scientific Classification –
Lawsonia L
L. inermis
Henna Plant (Lawsonia inermis)Henna Plant

Henna is a tall or small tree 1.8 to 7.6 m long. This henna plant is near to northern Africa, western Asia, Southern Asia, and northern AUS  in semi-parched zones and near tropical zones. The areas having temperatures between 35 – 45 °C are most suitable to Cultivate Henna plants.

Today Henna Is?

Present-day, It’s Used to Dye the hairs and is a lot of famous in India just as different nations like the USA, Europe, Middle East, and substantially more. When Apply on hairs, Henna can give shading coppery to burgundy. While Its additionally rely upon the shade of our hair and furthermore the nature of the Henna Powder. Henna Powder and Henna cones and Henna tattoo designs are accessible redimatly in Shop these days.

Process Of Dye Henna Mehndi In Your Hand –

Best quality leaves of Henna Tree are Ground With Grinder, then Dry With Sunlight. 
Henna mehndi Powder
Also, Apply Directly to Skin After Making Paste Of Henna Leaves.ØAfter Dry Make Sure there is no moisture left in them.That is called Henna Powder. We have Henna powder, make Henna Thin Paste to apply Designs in your Hand and Feet. After applying Mehndi Paste in hand make sure to Paste still moisture.After the paste dried your hand, you can wash or clean with wet cotton gently.Your Henna Mehndi Design is ready
Note:-It’s a Temporary Tatoo.
5-7 days its clearly removed.
What is Henna Mehndi

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What is White Henna?

Natural henna comes from a plant which is red stains on the skin, hair, or nails. But white henna is not a form of plants. It likely a body paint, which is commonly washed off the day’s end. On the off chance that you are choosing for waterproof body paint, at that point it can remain on for as seven days. It can likewise be scratched off, without leaving any stains on the skin. It a cement sparkle powder or tattoo paint, which can undoubtedly be funneled on the skin and give an impact like a mehndi design.
white henna
Credit:-White henna

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How We make DIY white henna?

Generally, white henna is faced with paint that can washes off inside barely in hours. You can purchase any great nature of body paint, and appreciate the most recent look securely. Sometimes the body paint will be waterproof, which can be essentially longer than the non-safe twin.
You can likewise take a stab at making white henna utilizing mica and glitter with white paint. It can give you a decent look, make the design by makeup cement on the skin, and afterward cleaning with the corrective evaluation mica powder or glitter. White henna and glitter on it an awesome look. 
You can affect the white henna by utilizing a few tattoos on the skin. The beneficial thing is they are waterproof, keep going long, and furthermore non-harmful. In this way, you can without much of a stretch apply with water and can evacuate it rapidly with scouring spirit.

Where not use white henna?

Hair bleach, chlorine bleach, skin bleaching, that have chemical bleach. Do not try with them.
Temporary paint, acrylic paint, or any other type of paint from the craft store which are meant to be painted on canvas, must not be used on people.

Simple henna mehndi design

Some FAQs Related item:-

What is the color of Henna Mehndi?

Ans.  It Gives Colour Between dark Brown And orange. Nowadays it’s Available in Black or White And Various Colour.

Why is Black Henna?

Ans.  Natural Black Henna doesn’t exist. Black Henna Mehndi is Artificially made by a substance called P.P.D. (Para-Phenylenediamine). It is restricted caused it not Suitable For the Skin. Also in some countries, it’s banned.

How much time Paste take to dry on the skin?

 Ans. Usually it takes 10 to 20 min. It depends upon environment temperature and Moisty in the paste.

How to Make Mehndi Cone At Home?

Ans.  After making Henna powder, make it’s so smooth by grinding, then add some water to make a smooth paste. Take cellophane Paper And rolled like a cone shape, then add Mehndi pastes into it. After doing this, then close properly End part of the Cone with a tap.

Where Buy Mehndi Cone or Mehndi Cone Making Items?

Ans.  Its all item is Available in the near shop, also available in online E-commerce Sites.