There are many different types of Simple mehndi designs used by girls to make their hands and feet are beautiful.

Indian Mehndi Designs:-

     The Indian mehndi designs depend on flowers, complex peacocks, a pitcher, or the portrayals of their divine beings. These designs are amazingly uncommon for the stand-out turns and curve with no void zone between them.
Beautiful Mehndi design
         The simple mehndi designs are good to decorate your hands on casual occasions, but on special occasions, you can fill your both hands and feet with special designs. These designs are really famous among brides because they are used to write the name of their husband in the mehndi to let their husband search it. This is an old tradition followed in India.

Arabic Mehandi Designs –

As compared to the complex Indian designs, these are considered as Simple mehndi designs. These are easy to make because it is really simple to draw flowers, veins, and leaves. These can be easily extended from hand to arm or foot to leg. These are famous for their thick outlines and unfilled patterns.

You can keep the patterns filled or unfilled because simple outlines are enough to decorate your hands. These designs require are easy to follow and you can complete them in less amount of time. If you have less mehndi, then you can try these designs. The Arabic mehndi designs are good for impatient people because they are easy to dry.

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Simple mehndi design
Credit – Mehndi Corner

Pakistani Mehendi Designs –

These designs are good because of the blend of Indian and Arabic designs. You can watch an astounding parity of geometric, flower, and paisley components in the latest mehndi designs. These are detailed designs that are considered perfect for brides at their weddings. The simple version of these designs is often worn by girls of all ages on Eid and other festivals.
Henna mehndi design
Credit – Mehndi Corner

African Mehendi Designs –

Just like Arabic mehndi designs, these are unfilled and based on the outline and geometric shapes, squares and dots. The space between the designs will be not exactly the Arabic mehndi designs, and these designs can cover you choose part simply like a work.

Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs –

The bold and Simple Mehndi Designs are delicately filled to transform traditional Indian and Arabic designs. These are the most famous styles of Indian designs to follow on weddings and other occasions.

Floral Mehandi Designs –

You can watch a phenomenal parity of geometric, flower, and paisley components in the latest mehndi designs. The floral patterns can be filled with shimmers and glitter on special events. In order to get these designs, professional mehndi designers are often hired. You can select any pattern to better suit the specialty of a particular occasion.

floral mehndi design

Moroccan Mehendi Designs –

These designs are from the Middle East and have geometric shapes, for example, blossom petals are attracted by geometric examples. Dissimilar to Simple Mehndi Designs, these look extremely wonderful and simple to wrap with your cone. You can stretch out these designs to your elbow or wrist.

Rajasthani Mehandi designs –

The Latest Mehndi Designs depend on entangled examples of peacocks and blossoms. You can design twists between clear space and barely recognizable differences are regularly attracted to cover the hands and fingers. These designs are anything but difficult to stretch out from toes to knees. 

You can attempt any design with the assistance of beautiful stones and sparkles. The frameworks are regularly drawn with mehndi and loaded up with bright sparkles and stones.

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